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Amazing towing tips a rookie should use when towing a vehicle


First of all, you should know that towing is not a joke. It should be taken very seriously because you are towing someone else’s car meaning that property isn’t yours or your company’s. So, you have to be very careful because if you damage it, your company will have to pay the price which will ruin the reputation of your company too. Thus, you will most likely get fired.

There is also another type of towing called commercial towing. This usually consists of heavy-duty trucks which are used to tow big and heavy vehicles like buses, caravans, etc. This is something that should only be done by the professionals because there are many things to be taken care of which a rookie might overlook. So, try to avoid heavy-duty towing unless you get proper training for it, otherwise, don’t do it.

If you’re a rookie, use these amazing tips when towing a vehicle:

Keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance

A tow truck’s maintenance is important because it gets weaker and weaker the more missions it goes on. So, schedule weekly maintenance for your truck which your company will be paying for so, you don’t have to worry about it. This way you will give the best services to your customers. Thus, your company’s reputation will get better.

Never depart before balancing the load

Driving an imbalanced car is probably the dumbest thing a person can do. You have no idea how many accidents you can get into when doing this. Always remember to put heavy objects on the car’s front end to balance the load and then you may depart.

Avoid all distractions

When driving a tow truck, try to avoid all the distractions you can to prevent any car accidents. Even if you get distracted for a second, you might get into an accident. So, turn off your phone when driving as you have to have full control of the san jose tow truck.


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