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Chess IS ABOUT Strategy And Tactics


Chess is focused on strategy and tactics. Each chess player commands an army of 16. In beginning players bring out their forces to prepare for combat. Players maneuver to handle attacks and counterattacks. At the end of the game there are fewer pawns and pieces left on the board. That is when it’s safe for the king to come out and be a part of the battle. Below are a few tips to enhance your chess game.

1. Planning. Is important that you intend your attack. Your opponent could have a straightforward time defending themselves if you attack here in one move and take action totally different in the next. All the pieces must work together to be effective. Think about your chess men as a team and you are the coach. They need to work together using their strengths and weaknesses to support each other.

2. Know the values that you put on your pieces. Consider carefully any time that you think about giving up one of your pieces to your opponent.

3. Pay attention to what your opponent is doing. Each time your opponent moves stop and think about what their strategy might be. Any kind of threats that you should be on the look out for? Is among your men in danger? The only to successfully defend yourself would be to understand what your opponent is doing.

4. Develop quickly and well. Timing is vital in chess. If your men are prepared for action and to move quickly you can control the course of the game.

5. Keep your king safe all the time. The object of the game would be to capture the king. Your opponent is seeking to look for and capture your king. Be sure to have a plan to safeguard your king.

6. Always make the best possible move. You should ask yourself some questions before making a move. Will this move improve my position by increasing the potency of my piece? Does this move help defend against my opponents threats?

7. If it is pawn, consider ways to keep it protected from attack.

8. If it is another piece you are moving consider whether the enemy can drive it away.

9. The alert. Once you have reached a good strong position in the game it is important that you do not relax. This can be a common mistake. You must always be watching for your opponents threats.

10. Know when to trade pieces. The optimum time to trade pieces is when you’re able to capture a piece worth a lot more than the one you’re quitting.

11. Think about the end of the game. Always remember that every move you make can affect your chances in the end game.

12. Control the center. The ball player that controls the four squares in the heart of the board will have the advantage in the game.

If you practice and examine these tips you’ll enhance your chess game .


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