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Dyer Vent Cleaning – Stop a Hearth by Cleansing Your Dryer Vent


Did you know— Only 60% of the lint is captured in the lint trap of residential and business clothing dryers. The other forty% is vented outside. Above time, the moist lint accumulates to the within of the duct. The end result is like a clogged pipe that gets to be much more limited above time which can trigger a hearth hazard! In accordance to the National Fireplace Security Association, 16,000 fires start off in the laundry space each and every calendar year.

Also, the Buyer Merchandise Protection Fee estimates much more than 84.4 million in property harm every year. This is a fact that demands to be taken significantly. The State Hearth Marshal endorses that your dryer vent be cleaned or inspected after a year to ensure your protection.

Listed here are some indications your dryer vent might require cleansing:

If it will take for a longer time than one cycle for your clothing to dry, or the garments are extremely very hot right after drying, this is a excellent sign your vent demands cleansing.

If the outfits have a musty smell following drying.

If your dryer shuts off or stops during a cycle, the component might be receiving too scorching from the duct restriction.

If there is a wonderful deal of lint escaping from the back again of the dryer.

If the outside vent has lint masking the exterior of the vent go over.

Listed here are the advantages of a thoroughly clean dryer vent:

Decrease laundry drying times

Avoid dryer factor substitute charges

Enhance the high quality of dried garments

Help save funds on utility expenses

Avert a dryer fireplace!

So, how do you go about cleansing your dryer vent. Below are the measures if you plan to do it yourself.

1. Get the right instruments. For this job you will need a store vac and extension hose of at the very least ten to fifteen ft, dependent on the duration of the dryer vent exterior to your dryer. Next, you will want a versatile cable with a brush on the conclude (can be found on the web) to snake via the duct, and finally, a dust mask and gloves to protect yourself from the airborne lint.

2. Disconnect your dryer from the adaptable duct and clean the again of the dryer and any lint that has accrued below the dryer. Examine the versatile duct and replace it with a new a single if it is broken or has holes. The very first element of the method will require running the versatile cable and vacuum from the within of the residence by your dryer. The second part of the method involves the exact same thing only from the outside by your dryer vent that goes to the exterior.

3. Run the versatile snake with brush via the dryer vent duct as much as you can go, be mindful not to thrust earlier any turns or angles that might result in the cable to get trapped in the ductwork, in any other case you will have a difficult time obtaining it out. Vacuum out the loose lint with the store vac and hose. Run the hose as significantly into the duct as you can go.

4. Track down the place your dryer vents to the exterior of the property. Take away any dryer vent components to entry the duct.

5. Repeat the approach from the exterior, managing your adaptable cable into the duct (towards the dryer) and vacuum out the unfastened lint. Comply with this by hooking the dryer back up to the adaptable duct within the house and switch the dryer on, any remaining lint will blow out of the duct. Finally, change any components on the exterior of the house.

You may be shocked by the quantity of lint you vacuum out. In Mile High Ducts might remove several Kilos of lint. In any case, you will conserve by yourself the likelihood of a fireplace disaster, and keep your dryer running easy for years to arrive.


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