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WHAT IS BEAN PIE, Historical past and its Flavor


In short, a bean pie is a custard type of pie that is made from legumes. Beans are the chosen decision, more particularly navy beans which are referred to as haricot beans in the British isles.

The beans are mashed or pureed alongside with eggs, evaporated milk, butter and spices. The spices that are used fluctuate from man or woman to person.

Vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon are the most well-known spices but add ins incorporate cloves, ginger and some folks like to include lemon extract/juice to their bean pie.

Bean Pie is baked in a whole wheat crust until a brown crust is fashioned on the top layer beneath the yellow-ish custard.


Whilst I will not go into the complete history of the pie, I will spotlight the most critical bits of details.

As I pointed out over, bean pies are linked with black muslims and the Black Electrical power Movement, far more specificially the Country of Islam which was established in the 1930s.

Lana Shabazz is mentioned to be the creator of the pie. The entire notion guiding the bean pie was to provide as an substitute to sweet potato pie (soul meals).

Sweet potato pie is regarded as soul meals which was frowned on for its slavery roots, it was witnessed as an oppressive sort of food.

The concept was for people to reliquish them selves from foodstuff/elements that have been connected with slavery that could influence their well being.

Navy beans were regarded as a great crop and its use was encouraged together with a low sugar diet program and non processed food items.

The bean pie is the northern states (consider Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York, Illinois) equvalent of the southern pumpkin, sweet potato and pecan pie.

Nowadays, its typical to see a bean pie sitting down correct subsequent to a sweet potato pie.

Of system, there are nevertheless individuals who maintain on to their possess beliefs and will shun southern pies, but I imagine there is space for all variants of pie.


In my impression the pie preferences really a lot like custard because it is silky sleek like custard with a crunchy crust on top.

There truly is not much distinction in the style of this pie when compared to other pies which are produced very related.

The only variation is beans are being employed in area of root vegetables. Know more about sweet potato pie online.


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